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The Love Project is a multi-disciplinary artistic endeavor that explores the experiences of falling in, being in and losing an intimate love and the emotional, physical and spiritual transitions we undergo throughout the process. Our first undertaking of this topic was in the form of a documentary, Prom and EP release.  We are now in the process of filming the second installment and creating “The Love Project Live’’ an orchestral experience. This project seeks to connect us, through the shared experience of Love and the ways we  change as it moves through us. 

Our goal, is to reach those who need inspiration, affirmation, healing, understanding, growth and empathy. Through this project, we hope to provide a safe space to seek these things, either with your lover(s) or as an individual. Aiming to build a community of growth, we will bring in a variety of elements that allow you to engage in the Love Project in a way that immerses you in safety and allows you to explore new ways to approach an intimate connection or its loss.

The Love Project Live Orchestra Event